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HumanITcare very close to obtaining the CE Class IIa marking

January 12, 2023
1 min
| HumanITcare

“Next steps to become the leading platform in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring”


At HumanITcare we are constantly moving forward, and after a great effort by the team we have achieved one of the most difficult and important steps in our evolution. We have been accepted by a Notified Body to work together on the certification of our products under the MDR, as well as our sanitary products manufacturing process under the quality standards of ISO 13485.


The final proposal has been signed to work with the ECM – Ente Certificazione Macchine, Notified Body n.1282, in the certification of the CE marking as a Class IIa medical device.

This is a very important step, as we will soon be among the first platforms in the market to obtain this certificate.


This great step brings us closer to the goal of being the leading platform in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, which allows healthcare professionals to remotely track their patients in real time using medical devices and wearables.


Also, our easy-to-integrate API on other platforms or clinical histories and integration standards (FHIR or HL-7) allows you to add all HumanITcare features to your medical software.


Do you want us to help you get better results in your hospital, clinic, medical center or home care service?


Contact us and one of our connected health specialists will advise you to get and consolidate them.