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What is humanITcare?
We bring healthcare to home. Through a digital medical solution, patients have a remote monitoring of their health, connected to their health service. The solution is designed by doctors to meet all the needs of this process, with a 24/7 health care, complete personalization and continuous support.
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How it works?
Easy. Professionals can access a medical website where they are alerted of their patient’s data in a summarized way. Patients take vital signs measurements (without the need for wifi or mobile). The data can be taken automatically or manually with any medical device on the market. The patient takes the measurements at home, and the data are sent in real-time for the health professional to view. There are many functionalities in the platform such as an intelligent alerts system, personalized questionnaires to take additional information, chat, video calls, and medical reports. All customizable to give you the value your patients need
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What data can be collected?
All basic health data can be recorded and additionally customized questionnaires can be created to take all the necessary data in each case. See for more information.
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What medical devices can be used?
Any medical device on the market can be used, either by using the devices integrated in the platform that send the data automatically or by registering the data manually in the platform
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Why is remote patient monitoring necessary?
We have demonstrated a two-fold improvement in patients’ satisfaction as well as a 90% improvement in quality of life. Having a digital system that can cover these functions will provide you a number of benefits such as: increased outreach reaching up to twice as many patients, cost reduction, real-time patient data, exhaustive follow-up, optimization of visits, differentiating added value and reduction of emergencies.
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How I can start using humanITcare?
Try for free, we provide you 100% personalized demo with continuous accompaniment to ensure the results you are looking for. Throughout the process of using the platform, you will have our follow-up with recurring meetings and technical support.
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