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HumanITcare is working with more than 30 hospitals worldwide and assisting hundreds of patients every day and growing in a very short time. Due to the intuitive usability, we are scaling in some regions like Europe, LATAM, and the USA among others.


We have the CE mark I and we are GDPR & HIPAA compliant. A robust platform where all our developments are consolidated and complying with the requirements demanded by current regulations.


Easily integrate with other platforms and Electronic Health Records as FHIR or HL-7 standards. The platform can be included by modules inside of another current platform securely and simply, connecting more than 100 end-points data from wearables and sensors.


Science-based. Backed by prestigious healthcare institutions, such as the  European Institute of Technology, or research done in programs powered by the European Commission.


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HumanITcare helps professionals and patients remote monitor health conditions at home through our interoperable API solution.

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