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Webinar: Digital health solutions in remote patient monitoring: Experiences, Use cases & Outcomes.

April 12, 2023
2 min
| HumanITcare

Are you interested in learning more about digital health and remote patient monitoring? Join us for our next webinar on 2nd May 18:00h CEST where we’ll cover everything you want to know.


During the webinar, we will delve into digital health and remote patient monitoring with our expert speakers:


  • Dr. Josep Brugada, PhD. Professor of cardiology. Hospital Clinic. University of Barcelona. Former president of the European Heart Rhythm Association & Medical Advisor at HumanITcare.
  • Dr. Jordi Piera, PhD. Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office.
  • Unai Sánchez. CTO & Co-founder of HumanITcare


By attending the webinar, you be able to know everything related to:


  • Benefits from APIs in digital health partnerships: APIs can enable seamless communication and data exchange between different systems and applications.
  • Interoperation in healthcare systems: Healthcare interoperability standards and how API’s are the solution to the current challenges.
  • Security & privacy considerations: Ensuring that sensitive patient data is securely transmitted and accessed.
  • Future of digital health partners: Scalability, automatization, cost reduction,… and much more!


Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to hear about expert experiences, use cases, outcomes and opinions in digital health and remote patient monitoring. 


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Hope to see you there!