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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona

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The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (CRP) is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and secondary prevention program aimed at optimizing cardiovascular health. This type of program addresses the physical, nutritional and emotional processes of patients with cardiovascular disease.

CRP has been shown to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients who have experienced an ischemic event. The development of supervised CRP for these patients has been progressively increasing in our environment over the last decade; however, the percentage of patients who benefit from these programs is still far from what is desirable.

Therefore, HumanITcare, together with the initiative of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the collaboration of Ferrer, developed a cardiac telerehabilitation web platform designed specifically for patients after an ischemic event. The holistic telematic CR program included interventions on physical training, emotional area, and adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

Patient Journey

The duration of the program was 8 weeks and consisted of:

  • 24 physical training sessions were distributed in 3 weekly sessions, where patients were guided by a specialized physiotherapist, and data were continuously collected through a wristband.
  • A weekly group session on adherence to a healthy lifestyle, where the nurse deals with various topics (smoking, Mediterranean diet, therapeutic adherence, psychological support) with the aim of achieving an integral improvement in the quality of life of the patients and the follow-up of a healthy cardiac lifestyle.
  • Follow-up visits to evaluate the patient’s evolution and adherence to the program.

It is expected that the program will lead the patient to a smoother recovery that will allow him to gain more confidence in his activities and to have an accurate follow-up of his process. The HumanITcare platform has been adapted to carry out this telerehabilitation program with the main objective of giving patients back the best quality of life.

Preliminary results suggest that the Cardio Health program is safe and effective in improving functional capacity and muscle strength and facilitating the change to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to know what has been impacting this program on medical professionals and patients?

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